Most of us enjoy the season, even if we don’t quite know why

Photo by David Beale on Unsplash

Earlier this week, I was quietly wrapping my Christmas presents in the evening while watching TV. Suddenly I heard beautiful singing right outside my window, so I paused the programme and called my husband, who was preparing dinner in the kitchen. Sure enough, there were a group of carol singers…

Is work the whole of life or a necessary evil?

Lewis Hine, Spinner in Globe Cotton Mill, Augusta, Georgia, 1909. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Work is what we do to stay alive. From the dawn of time, work of one sort or another has been the means for us to provide ourselves and our families with food, clothing and shelter. But as civilisation developed, work became quantified and commodified. In some industrialised nations, it’s…

Jane Lynch

Married with 2 gorgeous adult kids who have flown the nest. Finding my writing feet & enjoying every minute of it! Inspiration comes from anywhere & everything.

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